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Terms of Use

License for use of any English version of a FACIT measure is granted free of charge. Investigators are required to notify us of any related reports or publications as they become available. Since scale construction and validation are developmental processes, we also appreciate a willingness on the part of investigator(s) to share relevant components of results to further reliability and validity testing (where applicable and appropriate).

License for use of a translated questionnaire may require a fee. This decision is made on an individual project basis according to the nature of the trial, the questionnaires and translations to be used, the sponsor, and standing contractual arrangements. In general, there is a licensing fee for pharmaceutical and biotech companies to use the translated questionnaires in clinical trials of a commercial nature. All translations, adaptations, symptom indices, computer programs, and scoring algorithms, and any other related documents of the Functional Assessment of Chronic Illness Therapy (FACIT) Measurement System, including the Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy (FACT), are owned and copyrighted by, and the intellectual property of, David Cella, Ph.D. Copyright protection is also extended to electronic versions of all FACIT documents and products.

You and your associated vendors may not change the wording or phrasing of any FACIT document without previous permission from FACIT.org. If any changes are made to the wording or phrasing of any FACIT item without permission, the document cannot be considered the FACIT, and subsequent analyses and/or comparisons to other FACIT data will not be considered appropriate. Permission to use the name “FACIT” will not be granted for any unauthorized translations of the FACIT items. Any analyses or publications of unauthorized changes or translated versions may not use the FACIT name. Any unauthorized translation will be considered a violation of copyright protection.

In all publications and on every page of the FACIT used in data collection, the copyright information be listed precisely as it is listed on the questionnaire itself.

This license is not extended to electronic data capture vendors. Electronic versions of the FACIT questionnaires are considered derivative works and are not covered under this license. Permission for use of an electronic version of the FACIT must be covered under separate agreement between the electronic data capture vendor and FACIT.org.

This license is only extended for use on the internet on servers internal to your company. This FACIT license may not be used with online data capture unless specifically agreed to by FACIT.org in writing. Such agreement will only be provided in cases where access is password protected.

We reserve the right to withdraw this license and seek damages to the extent allowed by international copyright law if your company engages in scientific or copyright misuse of the FACIT system of questionnaires.

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