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About Us


Welcome to the FACIT Measurement System and ( We manage the distribution and information regarding administration, scoring and interpretation of a range of questionnaires that measure health-related quality of life for people with chronic illnesses. Our first questionnaire, the Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy – General (FACT-G), was developed and validated over a quarter of a century ago and has been used in hundreds of studies worldwide.


Since the publication of the first FACT-G validation paper in 1993, we have developed more than 90 questionnaires and translated and linguistically validated them into over 70 languages for use in over 100 countries. While cancer remains a major focus, we have also developed and translated instruments for fatigue, treatment satisfaction, spiritual well-being, HIV, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and other chronic conditions. This accumulated work has produced over 600 unique items.


The FACIT mission is to promote use and application of these measurements as a means of improving healthcare for chronic illness. Please see the Overview section for additional information. Questionnaires, scoring and interpretation materials are available in the Questionnaires section.