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How Questionnaires Work

> Patient & Adminstrator Burden

Respondent burden is typically minimal given that the questionnaire is written at the 4th grade-reading level and is specifically formatted for ease of self-administration. Average time to completion is 5-10 minutes, and even less for the stand-alone scales and symptom indices. The option to complete the questionnaire by interview also decreases burden for patients whose condition (e.g. fatigue; poor eyesight) or mood preclude them from completing the questionnaire by self-administration. We recommend that patients who complete the questionnaire by interview (in person and over the telephone) have a copy of the questionnaire or the response scale as a reference.  This can help facilitate response selection in patients who have difficulty recalling the rating scale, and reduce the amount of time needed to repeat rating scale options for each individual item.

Administrative burden is minimal, particularly if the questionnaire is self-administered. Supervision (review of the items) is needed when the patient has completed the questionnaire to ensure that all questions have been answered to the best of the respondents’ capability. Scoring programs written in SAS and SPSS make for easy calculation of scores.