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COA Management & Licensing Services

With over 25 years of licensing and Intellectual Property (IP) management experience, we can optimize your measure’s exposure and support its use within the HEOR and QOL scientific communities.
Why choose as your licensing partner?



We make it easy. All licensing and related infrastructure tasks are coordinated at one source.



Flexible terms. Measurement ownership by or the original copyright holder. Shared licensing and distribution fees possible.



Support you need. provides users all scoring, interpretation and relevant publications, and all general Q&A support for measure implementation.


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Unparalleled customer service. At, we are always open to measure-specific needs, questions or adaptations.

We Offer...

Dynamic Partnership can either incorporate your measure into our existing structure or develop a new measure-specific infrastructure.

Measurement Promotion

License and distribute English/source language versions to users at no fee.


License for academic and non-profit clinical use of any language version is provided at no fee.

No Repeat Costs

After an initial translation fee for pharma-sponsored trials, subsequent uses of said translation(s) are free of charge to the sponsor. A licensing fee applies to for-profit requests by companies who are not the original sponsor.


While charges a licensing fee to for-profit users who request translated versions, we can sometimes adapt fees if required by the IP developer.

We look forward to hearing from you to assist in supporting the licensing and distribution of your validated instrument!

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