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Below are selected publications and presentations by our staff, detailing the various approaches and challenges to attaining cross-cultural measurement equivalence.


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Psychometric properties of the FACT-G quality of life scale for family caregivers of cancer patients

Song L., Tan X., Bredle J., Bennett A.V., Northouse L.

Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the universal Portuguese-version of the Pediatric Functional Assessment of Chronic Illness Therapy-Fatigue (pedsFACIT-F)

Karla P. Fernandes, K.P., Teixeira, B.S , Arnold, B.A., Mendonca, T.M., Oliveira, S.M., da Silva, C.H.M.

Good practices for the translation, cultural adaptation, and linguistic validation of clinician-reported outcome, observer-reported outcome, and performance outcome measures

McKown S, Acquadro C, Anfray C, Arnold B, Eremenco S, Giroudet C, Martin M, Weiss D

Spanish Translation and Linguistic Validation of PROMIS® Sexual Function and Satisfaction Measures: Challenges and Solutions.

Pérez, B., Arnold, B., Parks-Vernizzi, E., Correia, H.

Presented at PROMIS Health Organization Annual Conference San Diego, October 2019.

Going up 2 flights and mopping: Harmonizing cross-cultural issues for FACIT-Dyspnea.

Savic, L., Parks-Vernizzi, E., Boucher, A., Guillen, R, Dhar, J., Pérez, B., Ludwig, N., Bredle, J., Arnold, B.

Presented at ISOQOL San Diego, October 2019.

Understanding the concept and context of “condition” and its cross-cultural harmonization during the translation and linguistic validation of the FACT-Bl-Cys.

Dhar, J., Savic, L., Boucher, A., Parks-Vernizzi, E., Guillen, R., Pérez, B., Ludwig, N., Bredle, J., Arnold, B.

Presented at ISOQOL San Diego, October 2019.

Translation and Linguistic Validation of the Hemophilia Quality of Life (HAEMO-QOL-A) Questionnaire for use with Hemophilia Patients.

Parks-Vernizzi E., Benjamin A., Herzberg T, Rentz A, Light E.

Value in Health, 2019, 22(3), S841–S842.

Reliability and validity of the Turkish version of the FACIT-PAL quality of life instrument

Bagcivan G., Bredle J., Bakitas M., Guciz Dogan B.

PROMIS® Pediatric and Parent Proxy Global Health Translations: Challenges and Solutions, Proceedings of the 4th Annual PROMIS® Health Organization Conference: Global Advances in Methodology and Clinical Science.

Parks-Vernizzi, E., Arnold, B., Correia, H.

J Patient Rep Outcomes 2, 53 (2018) doi:10.1186/s41687-018-0079-9.

Reflection paper on copyright, patient-reported outcomes instruments and their translations.

Anfray C., Arnold B., Martin M., Eremenco S., Patrick D.L., Conway K., Acquadro C.

Health and Quality of Life Outcomes. (2018) 16:224, 1-6.

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