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Below are selected publications and presentations by our staff, detailing the various approaches and challenges to attaining cross-cultural measurement equivalence.


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Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the universal Portuguese-version of the Pediatric Functional Assessment of Chronic Illness Therapy-Fatigue (pedsFACIT-F)

Karla P. Fernandes, K.P., Teixeira, B.S , Arnold, B.A., Mendonca, T.M., Oliveira, S.M., da Silva, C.H.M.

Good practices for the translation, cultural adaptation, and linguistic validation of clinician-reported outcome, observer-reported outcome, and performance outcome measures

McKown S, Acquadro C, Anfray C, Arnold B, Eremenco S, Giroudet C, Martin M, Weiss D

Psychometric properties of the FACT-G quality of life scale for family caregivers of cancer patients

Song L., Tan X., Bredle J., Bennett A.V., Northouse L.

Translation and Linguistic Validation of the Hemophilia Quality of Life (HAEMO-QOL-A) Questionnaire for use with Hemophilia Patients.

Parks-Vernizzi E., Benjamin A., Herzberg T, Rentz A, Light E.

Value in Health, 2019, 22(3), S841–S842.

Spanish Translation and Linguistic Validation of PROMIS® Sexual Function and Satisfaction Measures: Challenges and Solutions.

Pérez, B., Arnold, B., Parks-Vernizzi, E., Correia, H.

Presented at PROMIS Health Organization Annual Conference San Diego, October 2019.

Understanding the concept and context of “condition” and its cross-cultural harmonization during the translation and linguistic validation of the FACT-Bl-Cys.

Dhar, J., Savic, L., Boucher, A., Parks-Vernizzi, E., Guillen, R., Pérez, B., Ludwig, N., Bredle, J., Arnold, B.

Presented at ISOQOL San Diego, October 2019.

Going up 2 flights and mopping: Harmonizing cross-cultural issues for FACIT-Dyspnea.

Savic, L., Parks-Vernizzi, E., Boucher, A., Guillen, R, Dhar, J., Pérez, B., Ludwig, N., Bredle, J., Arnold, B.

Presented at ISOQOL San Diego, October 2019.

Reliability and validity of the Turkish version of the FACIT-PAL quality of life instrument

Bagcivan G., Bredle J., Bakitas M., Guciz Dogan B.

Reflection paper on copyright, patient-reported outcomes instruments and their translations.

Anfray C., Arnold B., Martin M., Eremenco S., Patrick D.L., Conway K., Acquadro C.

Health and Quality of Life Outcomes. (2018) 16:224, 1-6.

Translation and Linguistic Validation of PROMIS® Itch Short Forms for Use with Patients Worldwide.

Arnold, B., Kimel, M., Correia, H., Savic, L., Parks-Vernizzi, E., Pérez, B., Cella, D., Silverberg, J., Blumenthal, R.

Quality of Life Research. Vol. 27. Van Godewijckstraat 30, 3311 GZ Dordrecht, Netherlands: Springer, 2018.

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