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Copyright / Terms of Use


The Functional Assessment of Chronic Illness Therapy System of Quality of Life questionnaires and all related subscales, translations, and adaptations (“FACIT System”) are owned and copyrighted by David Cella, Ph.D. The ownership and copyright of the FACIT System resides strictly with Dr. Cella. Dr. Cella has granted (We/Us) the right to license usage of the FACIT System to other parties.

Terms of Use

For purposes of reviewing and learning about the FACIT measurement system, users may access and download English versions of FACIT measures and items from this website. You may also request access to translated versions by registering on the site and requesting them. However, in order to use any of our measures, permission must first be obtained by registering and obtaining a license.
You can research our measures here: Once you have determined which questionnaire is best for your research question or population, you will need to register in order to either request translated versions and/or request a license-for-use. Answers to other questions can be found in our FAQ section.

Use of any FACIT measure without licensed permission constitutes a violation of copyright law.

The following terms are applicable to all our licenses. Other terms also apply:

  1. We ask that you provide us with copies of any publications resulting from your study or produced as a result of collecting data with any FACIT questionnaire.

  2. Due to the ongoing and evolving nature of questionnaire development, treatment modalities and cross-cultural linguistic research, we reserve the right to make adaptations or revisions to wording in the FACIT, and/or related translations as necessary. If such changes occur, you will have the option of using either previous or updated versions according to your own research objectives.

  3. You may not change the wording or phrasing of any FACIT document without previous permission from If any changes are made to the wording or phrasing of any FACIT item without permission, the document cannot be considered the FACIT, and subsequent analyses and/or comparisons to other FACIT data will not be considered appropriate. Permission to use the name “FACIT” will not be granted for any unauthorized translations of the FACIT items. Any analyses or publications of unauthorized changes or translated versions may not use the FACIT name. Any unauthorized translation will be considered a violation of copyright protection.

  4. In all publications and on every page of the FACIT used in data collection, we require the copyright information be listed precisely as it is listed on the questionnaire itself.

  5. In no case may any FACIT questionnaire be placed on the internet without password protection. To do so is considered a violation of copyright.

  6. reserves the right to withdraw this license if you engage in scientific or copyright misuse of the FACIT system of questionnaires.


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