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Measures & Languages


At FACIT, our passion is the patient. Our mission is providing a voice for patients worldwide.

With longstanding academic ties, FACIT is an organization grounded in rigorous health outcomes measurement methods with the aim of improving global health outcomes research.

Comprised of two inter-related organizations, and FACITtrans, our multidisciplinary teams provide clients an international pool of talent from a wide variety of academic and clinical resources. In addition to licensing the well-known FACIT system of questionnaires, also licenses several other measures such as the C-Path Clinical Outcomes Assessments (COA’s). Our team at FACITtrans provides translation services of unsurpassed quality to the international clinical research community. Since 1994, the team at FACITtrans has served as a pioneer in the translation and linguistic validation of COA’s and other international clinical trial documents, serving on several Special Interest Groups (SIG’s) and contributing to the body of science and literature of cross-cultural health assessment.

Our Vision


As part of a cutting edge health outcomes research program, the application of our knowledge and resources serve the patient's interests. We make a difference in patients’ lives by ensuring their perspective of their disease or treatment is measured and conveyed in a culturally, semantically and linguistically appropriate manner.


Our services contribute to improved quality of life for patients and aid clinicians in solving complex healthcare challenges, thus providing value to our clients and contributing to their growth.


We fulfill this vision by fostering collaborations based on state of the art science, respect, integrity and compassion with our colleagues in academia and the pharmaceutical industry. Our international staff of devoted project managers, linguists and clinicians take each of these challenges to heart.

Our Values

In a position of service to patients, researchers and clinicians, we hold the following tenets as integral to our success:


  • Quality systems underpinning all processes to ensure our translations say what they mean, and mean what they say.

  • Adherence to the highest scientific principles.

  • Integrity and ethical conduct in all business and interpersonal transactions.

  • Respect and appreciation for our colleagues, clients, vendors and patients.

  • Fostering of long term relationships based on respect, trust and understanding of mutual needs.

  • Fiscal responsibility.


Our Team

Responsive interdisciplinary expertise grounded in academic science.

Our History

Over 25 years of improving patient health status measurement and methodologically rigorous COA translations.

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