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Translation & Linguistic
Validation Services

As pioneers in the field of translation and linguistic validation of health outcome measures, we uphold our reputation for high quality work, attention to detail, and excellent customer service on every project.

Services We Offer:

  • Clinical Outcome Assessments (COA) Translation
    Most outcomes measures have been developed and validated in English. In order to ensure that data collected in multinational clinical trials can be pooled for analysis and ultimately submitted for a label claim, translated versions of COA's must be as conceptually and culturally equivalent as possible. To achieve this equivalence, a rigorous translation methodology with attendant focus on quality and cultural appropriateness is imperative. Through our industry-wide recognized translation approach, we deliver on the promise that our translations are linguistically and culturally appropriate for each target population, and that patients across the globe understand translated items as intended by the English source instrument.
  • Linguistic Validation
    Patients live with their disease, treatment or conditions. As such, patients themselves provide the most informative, useful perspective on a questionnaire's (COA’s) content. FACITtrans’ full COA translation methodology specifically requires interviewing patients with the translated questionnaire and asking them questions about the items in order to fully capture the target-language patient’s voice and experience. This process, called “cognitive interviewing”, helps ensure the final translated versions are as conceptually and culturally equivalent as possible. These steps seek to affirm the linguistic validity of the translated measure and ultimately strengthen our clients’ ability to understand the multinational patient perspective and obtain a label claim from internationally-collected clinical trial data. At FACITtrans, we believe capturing the patient voice is imperative. As highlighted on our History page, our team was part of the original publication of these now widely-accepted translation approaches. For over 20 years our mission has been Providing A Voice for Patients Worldwide. We deliver on this promise to patients and our clients every day.
  • eCOA Translation, Adaptation, Migration and Screenshot Proofreading"
    Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment (eCOA) is a way of capturing data electronically in clinical trials. Many measures were developed for paper administration. When adapted for electronic assessment, often there must be some adjustments to the measure’s instructions or layout. FACITtrans’ eCOA expertise includes: Adapted over 90% of FACIT scales into as many as 70 languages Adapted over 15 non-FACIT instruments into as many as 30 languages Currently supporting >15 pharma clients & eCOA vendors FACITtrans provides these services: Instruction adaptation for clear patient comprehension Adapt language to fit context of device Multilingual migration to XML, JSON and CSV formats Screenshot proofing across variety of electronic platforms Learn about FACTtrans’ expertise with eCOA’s
  • Interview Transcription & Translation
    Conducting interviews in other countries, but need transcripts of the interview in English? We have years of experience transcribing interviews, and translating the interviews into English for you. Quality checks are scheduled at each step of the process.
  • Translation of Consent forms, Diaries, Event Logs and Protocols"
    As longtime members of an academic research community (it's where we got our start!) we are well versed in the administrative and legal requirements of clinical trial research. Standardized documentation such as diaries, event logs, or legal/administrative documentation like consent forms or protocols require simpler translation methods but with rigorous quality and semantic monitoring.
  • Translatability Assessment and Concept Definition
    COA measures are most-often developed in English, and certain concepts may not translate easily or prove to have limited or no conceptual equivalence in other cultures. Translatability Assessment refers to the proactive process of identifying such issues as early in the instrument development process as possible. Concept definition, also referred to as concept elaboration, goes hand in hand with this process and serves to define terminology and intended meaning of items providing acceptable translation alternatives, unacceptable translation alternatives, and offering solutions for specific translation issues within linguistic families. Engagement with instrument developers is crucial at these key stages to ensure the intended meaning of each item is conveyed to produce translated items that say what they mean and mean what they say.
FACITtrans Services

We look forward to serving your study needs. Learn more and Contact us to get started!

FACITtrans is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 certified.
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