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Providing a Voice for Patients Worldwide

Your partner in patient-centered
outcomes research

Academically trained in capturing, measuring, translating, and interpreting patients' perspectives of their disease, treatment or condition. 

Welcome to FACIT

Welcome to FACIT

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FACITtrans provides clinical outcomes assessment (COA) translatability assessment, questionnaire, consent form and protocol translation, interview transcription and translation, eCOA adaptation and migration, linguistic validation and more.

Gotham__Org Gotham.png manages the distribution of and information related to more than 100 questionnaires that measure health-related quality of life for people with chronic illnesses. 

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Together we are pioneers in the field of patient-centered research with 25+ years of cutting-edge science and services.



FACIT is pleased to have contributed a chapter on the FACIT Measurement System to the 2022 release of Handbook of Quality of Life in Cancer

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