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PROMIS SF v1.0 Fatigue 10a

Patient Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System - Short Form - Fatigue 10a

10 item PROMIS adoption of the FACIT-Fatigue



The PROMIS SF v1.0 Fatigue 10a is the adapted, shortened version of the FACIT-Fatigue from the PROMIS Health Organization.


PROMIS SF v1.0 Fatigue 10a






Patients 18 years and older experiencing fatigue


Past 7 days


5 point Likert-type scale


Paper and electronic


Self-administration and interview when applicable




Less than 5 minutes


Language Availability

Available translations of the PROMIS SF v1.0 Fatigue 10a can be obtained by registering for permission. Users are not permitted to translate the PROMIS SF v1.0 Fatigue 10a without permission from Permission from to translate the PROMIS SF v1.0 Fatigue 10a may also be contingent upon timeline expectations and availability of FACIT staff. Translations must undergo a rigorous methodology under the guidance of which includes multiple translators, QA steps and cognitive interviews with patients. For commercial use, FACITtrans is the approved translation vendor to translate the FACIT measurement system.

Please contact us for more information.

Language Availability


Licensing fees are assessed on a per trial/per measure basis for commercial use. There is no fee for use of the English version, but a license should be obtained.

Non-commercial use is assessed on a case-by-case basis. Licensing fees are typically not applied to investigator-initiated research, students, or clinical use.

To license an available version of this measure for commercial or non-commercial use, please complete our registration form. All of the information provided in the form will be kept strictly confidential. For questions, please contact us.

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Related Measures


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